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Every year we manufacture millions of dice in all shapes, sizes and colours. Many of our dice moulds have interchangeable components allowing us to make customs dice as follows:-
• Standard dice with one special image replacing any of the standard spot faces

• Dice with all sides replaced with special images.

• 4, 8. 10, 12 or 20 sided dice with special faces.

• Ten sided dice with a special image replacing the 0 or 9.

• Twenty sided dice with a special image replacing the 1 or 20.

All dice can be made in any colour, subject to quantity. We keep a range of standard coloured dice in common sizes with either a blank 6 spot or 1 spot ready to be personalised.

Methods of personalising dice.
1. Making a mould insert. The result is the image is moulded into the face of the dice and then painted any colour you wish, only one colour per face. Ideal for quantities over 1000 pieces.

2. Laser engraving. Each face of the dice can be engraved and then painted as above, only one colour per face. Laser engraving is ideal for small quantities and enables fine detail in the image.

3. Inkjet printing. Using our 6 colour printing machine we can produce photo quality images and each face of the dice. The ink is UV cured so it does not rub off.


Email us your request to: enquiries@em4miniatures.com


Enquire About Custom Dice

  • Gaming Clubs

    For small runs, our laser engraved and UV ink printing allow for small batches without the cost of tooling. Ideal for 25-500 dice.

  • Events & Gifts

    Laser engraved and UV ink printing allow for small batches ideal for gifting. Popular for events, weddings and group presents.

  • Prototypes

    Creating a new game or kickstarter, need a small batch of actual dice for your game without the cost of tooling, then laser & ink printing is the option for you.

  • Game Publishing

    Making a game with more than 500 dice? Then injection moulding may be the option for you. Contact us for more information.