eM4 Guardians

eM4 Guardians

Do you love tabletop gaming? Do you enjoy running demo games and helping people to understand what makes you so passionate about gaming? 

Are you excited about the idea of being involved in making games? Are you passionate about being part of the gaming community?

If so, would you like to join our team of volunteers, the eM4 Guardians?

What is an eM4 Guardian?

Guardians are volunteers for eM4 Miniatures and our new publishing arm, Moonspire Games.

Guardians are involved in running demo events at local gaming stores, clubs, shows and conventions. This includes being a part of the online community, mixing with our online groups and sharing their passion for the hobby.

Guardians are also often invited to help and join in with our creative team working our new range of games, and improvements to existing ones.

Benefits of becoming a Guardian.

  • Meeting like-minded awesome people 😀
  • Introducing brand new games to the community 🎲
  • Receiving Guardian Points to spend on eM4 products 💯
  • A great way to get started with a career in the tabletop gaming industry ✨
  • After your first three demo events, you will receive some eM4 swag to wear proudly 👕
  • Be a member of our private Discord server 💬
  • Be invited to help with exciting new game concepts and ranges 😮
  • Occasional surprises for being a Guardian and helping us to make the hobby a better place for everyone 💖

How to become a Guardian?

If you are a passionate gamer and the above excites you then we would love to hear from you.

You can apply to become a guardian by contacting us at guardians@em4miniatures.com

Let us know why you think you would make a good Guardian. Include your address and telephone number too. Talk to us about what you play, when you got started, and what you’re enjoying right now.

Once we receive your message, we will arrange a call to ask some questions to make sure you meet our needs and if successful, we will get you set up as a brand-new Guardian. Please be aware that we’re starting small and growing, so be patient with us - good things come to those who wait!!!