About Us

eM4 are designers, manufacturers and distributors of miniatures, dice and other game accessories.

About eM4

eM4 sprung to life in the year 2000, just after the millennium bug was meant to have destroyed the world! Realising they had survived, good friends Doug Cowie and Clive got to work. Doug Cowie was one of the founding members of Grenadier Models U.K. helping release games such as Fantasy Warriors and Kill Zone.

After the collapse of Grenadier, Doug and Clive set about to build one of the first miniature online stores and produce ranges not just from the Grenadier library but new lines, including games such as Ludus Gladiatorius, Combat Zone and many more.


Charlie, who now co-owns eM4 Miniatures, had joined its ranks back in 2009 working for the parent company. A long time hobbyist, he fell in love with the company which he felt produced great tabletop products at prices all could afford.

About Charlie & Maggy

Charlie & Magdalena were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take eM4 on during the height of the pandemic.

Charlie, a lover of tabletop games, came from a large family (5 sisters believe it or not) and knew how expensive the hobby could be for someone with little to no spare income.

Remembering those days, our mission is to provide tabletop fun at prices which make it accessible to most.

We are also helped by eM4 Martin, Shannon and of course our wonderful eM4 guardian community!


What do we do

eM4 is a retailer, distributor and manufacturer of miniatures and other tabletop gaming items. A large number of our in-house ranges are made here in the UK.

 As well as producing our own products, we co-design and manufacture components for other companies and more recently Kickstarter projects.

Just like our mission to provide tabletop fun to all, we also believe in helping others achieve their goals.