New Website, New Vision

New Website, New Vision

New eM4 Website

Exciting news, we've moved our website to a new platform which has opened up a world of opportunity for us and the community!

So I wanted to tell you why we have migrated the platform, what we are doing currently and what the future will bring.

Starting with the 'why', the decision was driven by two factors; customer feedback and being more community focused.



We received a lot of great feedback from the community and we could see that the shopping experience of the previous platform was not always as smooth as it could have been.

Though we still have a lot of plans for the site, this new platform has a very clean and simplistic checkout process out of the box.

Our next focus is to improve the product pages and find a better shipping solution for our international customers.


Community Focused

We've wanted to write more content, how to guides, rules and fluff for a very long time. This includes the inclusion of members of the community guest posting as well.
This new platform allows us to create blog posts, synchronise it to social media and include downloadable rules and content which is just awesome!


So what does the future bring?

Well, we are really happy with this new platform as it will allow us to focus on what we do best, make miniatures, games and gaming accessories.

We are looking for feedback and anyone who would also like to share their content on our platform.
So if you have some suggestions for the website or our products or would like to get involved in some amazing content, please email me

Happy Gaming,

eM4 Charlie :)


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