Ludus Gladiatorius Maximus - The Arena Combat Game

Ludus Gladiatorius Maximus - The Arena Combat Game

As some of you may have seen on social media, we have been leaking out images of plastic arenas and gladiator miniatures. We're happy to announce that the rumours are true, we are working on a new Ludus Gladiatorius game.

Ludus Gladiatorius Maximus is the third Ludus game, taking the best parts of both previous releases and combining them with new sculpts and a modular plastic arena.

Ludus Gladiatorius Maximus Game Arena

The image above is some WIP shots on the concept of the plastic arena and the new miniature sculpts. Along with this will be a new rulebook, Ludus dice and a play mat that can be used in conjunction with the arena or stand alone without.

At the moment we are reaching out to the community for feedback and working on some small changes. We are also designing this arena to be adaptable with expansion sets to change the arena into a Circus Maximus and a Fantasy Football stadium. 

To bring Ludus Gladiatorius Maximus (LGM) to life, we are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign. So watch this space, get involved on social media or email us directly with your thoughts!


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