Fantasy Warriors - Free Downloadable Rules

Fantasy Warriors - Free Downloadable Rules

Fantasy Warriors Rules Grenadier eM4 Miniatures

Are you wanting to fight exciting fantasy battles? Ones that are full of insane heroism, low cunning and sudden death? Well, you'll be happy to know that we've added the Fantasy Warriors rules to our site...

And best of all, the rules are FREE, as a PDF download.

Fantasy Warriors is a fantasy game originally released by Grenadier Models and co-created by our very own eM4 Doug (Back in the day when he was at Grenadier). The rules are easy to pick up but do not take away from the element of strategy.

Each player controls an army, headed by a war chief who issues orders to the troops under his command. Giving the right orders and changing them when the moment is right is the essence of generalship in Fantasy Warriors.

So how do you get the rules?

The rules are now in their own Fantasy Warriors section under "Games" on our navigation menu, but you use this link to get there: Fantasy Warriors Game



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