Combat Zone at Salute 2005

Combat Zone at Salute 2005

Back in 2005, the Portbury Knights put on an epic Combat Zone demo at Salute, and it hosted some very impressive terrain.

The images have been wonderfully kept by Gisby over at the Combat Zone Chronicles.


combat zone game - female ganger
Female ganger by truck

combat zone game - reporter miniature
That bloody reporter's back! (Grab the reporter miniature here)

combat zone game - fbi miniatures
The FBI are desperate to get a burger from Sam 'n' Ella's

combat zone game - wargame
The docks

combat zone game - biker miniature
Barry Belly's about to Die 

combat zone game - skirmish wargame
Under the Boardwalk

combat zone game - female cop
Another villain down

combat zone game - guards
Guards take up position

combat zone game - fed police miniatures
Execution of an unarmed Rozzer (Grab the Police Miniature here  & the Fed Miniature here)

combat zone game - city landscape
Another view of the city/table top.


Enter the combat zone

Do you like what you've seen? Do you want to enter a world set in a dark not so distant future? Do you want to play an exciting, expansive and tactical wargame that only needs a handful of miniatures?

If the answer is yes, then Combat Zone sounds like the game for you!

Get your copy here :)

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