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Elfsera Dwarf Patrol - Prepainted Miniatures Set

Elfsera Dwarf Patrol - Prepainted Miniatures Set

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5 painted dwarf miniatures ideal for ready made patrol for role-playing or skirmish games.

  • 5 pre painted metal dwarf miniatures
  • Heavily armed dwarves with 2 handed axes plus 5 free D20’s
  • 25mm/28mm scale. Great for RPGs and several sets make a superb wargames unit.

Strong and proud, these dwarven warriors stand sturdy and brave against the perils they face in the world of Elfsera. Great warriors, full of honour and loyalty, almost perfect bar their occasional stubbornness, these brothers in arms stick together and battle through the thickest of plights.

This painted dwarf miniature set comes with 5 classically crafted dwarf models, which have been pre-painted to a table top standard. Great as characters or NPCs in your RPG or used to bolster a dwarven army in a wargame, this set gives you the ability to deploy them into your game quickly without the need to paint.

As well as the miniatures, you also get 5 D20 skull dice which comes with the set.

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12+. WARNING. Not suitable for children under 12. Small parts. May contain essential pointed components.

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Models painted by our community members:

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